Here’s My Story

Mike Ramsey

Welcome to WanderingSasquatchthe, ultimate hub for all things related to hunting and the only source you’ll ever need for tips, techniques, and recommendations.

As avid hunters ourselves, we wanted somewhere to share our knowledge and expertise with others, as well as giving everyone a space to come together and enjoy their passion with others.

As one of America’s most honored traditions and hobbies, hunting is something that people all over the country have enjoyed for many years.

For most of us, our passion for hunting started when we were young and was passed down through our friends and family, but even if you’ve never experienced it for yourself, it’s never too late to begin.

Hunting is a hobby that’s made even better when you have the right gear, and with that in mind, this website was created. Whether you need a practical and comfortable backpack to take along or a brand new multipurpose knife, you can guarantee we know which one to pick.

The right accessory can be the difference between a successful hunt and a disappointing one, and we want to make sure you’re equipped with the best of the best.

We’ve spent hours researching the latest and greatest accessories in the world of hunting and want to share our findings with others who love to hunt, as well as plenty of other tips and strategies that you can use in the field.

Having a one-stop shop like this will certainly come in handy, no matter what your favorite type of game is to hunt or the style of hunting you practice.

Check out the rest of the site and see what’s on offer, with plenty of guidance and recommendations from a team of avid hunters who have the same passion as you.

The time-honored tradition of hunting is always improving with new accessories or strategies to be shared, and if you’re interested in learning more you’ve definitely come to the right place.